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  • Egy.Com  popular
    offers a variety of old and new articles, photos, references dealing with century-old aspects of Cairo. Learn about its architecture, its landmarks, its character, its people and its problems. This is about a millennium old city which cannot sit still. Enjoy!
    (Added: Sat Feb 27 1999 Hits: 14390 Rating: 3.05 Votes: 20)
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  • Omeldonia.com  popular
    A full service Egyptian portal offering news and feature articles, including database of celebrities, movie and music information in the Middle East
    (Added: Thu Aug 23 2001 Hits: 5738 Rating: 6.18 Votes: 11)
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  • The Egyptian Castle  popular
    information for Egyptians and to anyone curious to know about Egypt
    (Added: Tue Feb 16 1999 Hits: 10176 Rating: 4.27 Votes: 11)
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  • Yallabina  popular
    Cairo online entertainment guide
    (Added: Mon Apr 12 1999 Hits: 14375 Rating: 5.29 Votes: 10)
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  • Early Egypt
    Late Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt History, Archaeology and pictures
    (Added: Wed Feb 05 2003 Hits: 3249 Rating: 3.14 Votes: 7)
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